Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Insourcing and Outsourcing of Companies

1-800-India Nations economic growths have rapidly emerged over the past decades. India is the leader in most global markets due to outsourcing white collar jobs. Workers in other countries like India do many different things such as tutoring, checking baggage, and x-rays for cheaper prices than here in the US, often with better results. Over half of the US jobs are going to India because of insourcing and outsourcing of companies. Majority of our customer service calls are being answered by foreign countries. Rwanda is one of the fastest growing places, due to outsourcing and have grown to 1. 6 million over the last decade. The secret is BPO. Many women have joined the work force and have become head of the households. BPO have tripled in size also have different workforces to chose from due to inexpensive educated labor such as insurance, customer service, and travel reservations. This workforce is cutting the cost of back office work by 50% from major companies in the US. BPO started with a hand full of people, today the numbers have grown to over 17,000 worldwide. This culture has learned to speak English in rapid numbers. The advancement of speaking many different languages gives India a huge advantage for American jobs. Many are becoming middle class and are changing the face of the country. Most of these workers are women. Doctors and other professionals have quit their jobs to work for 1-800-India. They are making more money now than they were making as doctors. Americans earn up to 10 times more than other countries but India are among the best paid groups. Before, India knew no value of the credit card but were thought to help Americans with their line of credit. These professionals take pride in customer care because this is their way to a good life. For every outsourcing job there are at least two more jobs created such as security and construction. Shopping has also become a way of life for the younger generation, being that they are paid more than their family have ever made. Many company workers work around the clock. The laws in India kept women from working nights. The outsourcing industry had to lobby the India government to change labor laws so women could work late shifts. The laws also made sure the women were picked up and dropped off back at home. They provided security while on duty. New jobs were created by transporting thousands of people 24 hours a day. This transportation company has become a big operation which has employed many people there. India still has hundreds of people below poverty lines. Working women stayed home and to support the immediate family. However, the first borne girl was seen as a burden to poor families in the India tradition. The father sees no value in the daughter’s education but except the son having an education. The girls would secretly work and pay for education, today they are the biggest support to their families. I believe this country does not want women to work simply because it takes focus off the households and by not educating women some how gives the power to the man. Moreover, women started educating themselves, started gaining confidence, and then dominated the workforce. Some India families who want their daughters to marry have to get approval from the mothers. The boyfriend must be of the same religious back ground and culture. Most marriages are arranged. India is one of the most married countries in the world. India communities live as normally as Americans. They are working communities juggling work, family, children, and school. Just remember the next time you call customer service you will know who you are talking to and hopefully will become more patient and understanding where our calls are coming from†¦

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